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Hair Care Tips After Hair Transplant

The choice to get a hair transplant is a very important decision to make, and you want to consult a professional first if you have lost your hair continuously. After a thorough evaluation, your doctor should tell you whether or not you are an excellent candidate to do a hair transplant. To be a nominee for a hair transplant, you may need to have recipient areas and a clear donor. If you passed as a candidate for a hair transplant, you could now look for a clinic with this kind of procedure. If you are looking for a hair transplant clinic in the UK, you can check out FUE Hungary.

Let us assume that you are a transplant candidate and that your procedure is carried out without any problems, there are several tips to remember if you want your hair growth to be a distinctive element for the transplant. Here are some of the information you should not forget in the days following the transplantation.

Before the Procedure

Before the procedure begins, you will be given a list of things to do and not to keep in mind after your hair transplant procedure. You will be given a copy of this and try to follow it even if it is hard. Remember that you are doing this for yourself!

After the Procedure


After the procedure is done, you should ask someone to take you home so that you can rest as much as possible even until the next morning. It is best not to drive alone because the anesthesia or sedation might not wear off properly. As this may still be the case for the first three nights, you should sleep with your head held high.

Diet Tips


In the coming days, you will be asked to eliminate alcohol intake and smoking as well. You will also be asked to reduce intaking medicine with aspirin, as it is blood intensive and thin and can cause recovery problems. It would help if you informed your transplant doctor of all the medications you are regularly taking, as you may be asked to stop taking them for a few days after your transplant. Your doctor may prescribe medicines that you can intake if the consequences of this transplant have occurred.

Side Effects

If there is bleeding, which is one of the side effects after a hair transplant, apply pressure to the region until it stops bleeding. In many cases, the bleeding should stop after a few minutes, and there are also cases that it doesn’t. If that happens to you, you should get in touch with your hair transplant surgeon immediately.

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