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Six tips to prevent chronic dry eye

Chronic dry eye is caused by some reasons and before proceeding it’s worth noting that there exists a link between dry eyes and blurred vision. Studies show that aging primarily causes chronic dry eye or decreased tear production as it is commonly known. It can also be caused by many other things that include lupus, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, thyroid disorders, Sjorgens syndrome, vitamin A deficiency just to mention a few. If you only attempt closing your eyes for even thirty minutes, you will realize the critical role that they play in your daily life. Taking proper care of the eyes is the best way to keep chronic dry eye bay. The pointers as listed below will help you to avoid constant dry eye and ensure maximum protection as well as care for your eyes.

Add extra fruits and veggies to your diet

If you are experiencing from chronic dry eye, then the first step that you should take is adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet. Apart from strengthening your immune system and providing you will find numerous vitamins and nutrients, fruits and vegetables will also work miracles with your eyes.


Get sufficient sleep

Most people might not agree, but the ugly truth is that not getting enough sleep is risking their eye health. Just like your body, your eyes also need to get sufficient sleep and rest at night so that they can operate properly in the morning without appearing puffy, red and fatigued.

Maintain proper hygiene

Neglecting hygiene is one of the many ways to expose yourself to chronic dry eye. Experts recommend that you should clean your hands thoroughly before touching or rubbing your eyes to reduce the chances of transferring dirt and germs into your eyes. If you put on contact lenses, then you should ensure that to stick to the hygiene instructions to stay away from allergies and eye infections.

Go to frequent check-ups

It is recommended that you visit your eye specialist at least twice in a year to make sure that your eyes are functioning correctly similarly to any other part of your body. Visiting your eye specialist will help you to diagnose eye problems in advance so that you can take action without any delay. You can only beat conditions that are linked to the chronic dry eye like cataract or myopia just if they are diagnosed in their initial phases.

Stop smoking

Research shows that if you are a smoker, then the chances of damaging your eye muscles and blood vessels are very high. In the end, you will suffer from conditions like cataracts, diabetic retinopathy, age-related macular degeneration, dry eye syndrome just to mention a few.

Put on sunglasses

3When in the sun, experts recommend that you should wear sunglasses for protection. Sunlight is essential, but too much of it can cause damage to your eyes. During scorching days it’s advisable that you avoid looking at the suns rays directly. High-quality eye wear will help to protect your eyes from external agents that pose a threat to them like UV rays, high light, flashes and the likes.